Dear Proven Power Manager,

Seems like nowadays, everywhere you go, people are quick to complain…often about such minor or mundane issues.  I am writing this letter to offer the opposite.

Having had some issues with my garden tractor this summer, it was brought in for repairs a couple of times. Turned into a little more complex project and sounded like an unusual chain of events.

Anyway, without going thru all the diagnostics, some of which I never completely understood, I just wanted to complement Andy and your service department. Service departments, whatever the product, work with other people’s problems.  While I was expecting the same excuses and frustrations experienced with other service departments, I received none of that from yours.  Andy was very responsive and was pro-active in updating what was happening and when things would be turned around.  He turned a lot of frustration into an overall pleasant experience.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find high Quality people to work with customers.  Andy is exceptional and should be commended.  While I may not be one of your largest customers, you may add me to your list of most loyal.


Jeff Hershberger


Dear Proven Power

Just a note to your Service Department, “What a great crew you have there”, I had  you pick up my 2007 X304  to replace some  belts , tune up and general maintenance. You did an excellent job!,  I just cleared out my drive after this past Monday snow  storm,  it ran and  performed like new.  Thank You!

Rick Martin